Third Fraser ministry

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Third Fraser ministry

52nd Ministry of Australia
photograph of Fraser
Malcolm Fraser
photograph of Doug
Doug Anthony
Date formed20 December 1977
Date dissolved3 November 1980
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralSir Zelman Cowen
Prime MinisterMalcolm Fraser
Deputy Prime MinisterDoug Anthony
No. of ministers30
Member partyLiberalNational Country coalition
Status in legislatureMajority government
Opposition partyLabor
Opposition leaderBill Hayden
Election(s)10 December 1977
Outgoing election18 October 1980
Legislature term(s)31st
PredecessorSecond Fraser ministry
SuccessorFourth Fraser ministry

The third Fraser ministry (LiberalNational Country coalition) was the 52nd ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 22nd Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser. The third Fraser ministry succeeded the second Fraser ministry, which dissolved on 20 December 1977 following the federal election that took place on 10 December. The ministry was replaced by the fourth Fraser ministry on 3 November 1980 following the 1980 federal election.[1]

As of 31 October 2022, John Howard and Ian Viner are the last surviving Liberal members of the Cabinet of the third Fraser ministry, while Ian Sinclair and Peter Nixon are the last surviving NCP members.


Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Liberal Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser CH

MP for Wannon

National Country Rt Hon Doug Anthony

MP for Richmond

Liberal Rt Hon Phillip Lynch

MP for Flinders

National Country Rt Hon Ian Sinclair
(born 1929)

MP for New England

Liberal Rt Hon Reg Withers

Senator for Western Australia

Liberal Hon Tony Street

MP for Corangamite

National Country Hon Peter Nixon
(born 1928)

MP for Gippsland

Liberal Hon John Howard
(born 1939)

MP for Bennelong

Liberal Hon John Carrick

Senator for New South Wales

Liberal Hon Andrew Peacock

MP for Kooyong

Liberal Hon James Killen

MP for Moreton

Liberal Hon Margaret Guilfoyle

Senator for Victoria

Liberal Hon Eric Robinson

MP for McPherson

Liberal Hon Ian Viner
(born 1933)

MP for Stirling

Liberal Hon Peter Durack QC

Senator for Western Australia
(1971–1993) (in Cabinet from 25 August 1978)

National Country Hon Ralph Hunt

MP for Gwydir
(1969–1989) (in Cabinet from 8 December 1979)

Outer ministry[edit]

Party Minister Portrait Portfolio
Liberal Hon Michael MacKellar

MP for Warringah

National Country Hon Evan Adermann

MP for Fisher

Liberal Hon John McLeay

MP for Boothby

Liberal Hon Kevin Newman

MP for Bass

National Country Hon James Webster

Senator for Victoria

Liberal Hon Tony Staley

MP for Chisholm

Liberal Hon Ian Macphee
(born 1938)

MP for Balaclava

Liberal Hon Wal Fife

MP for Farrer

Liberal Hon Vic Garland

MP for Curtin

Liberal Hon Bob Ellicott QC

MP for Wentworth

Liberal Hon Ray Groom
(born 1944)

MP for Braddon

Liberal Hon Fred Chaney
(born 1941)

Senator for Western Australia
(1974–1990) (in Ministry from 25 August 1978)

National Country Hon Douglas Scott

Senator for New South Wales
(1974–1985) (in Ministry from 8 December 1979)

National Country Hon David Thomson MC

MP for Leichhardt
(1975–1983) (in Ministry from 8 December 1979)

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